Christmas House Diffuser

HI! I have had so many messages about this little house and diffuser. I decided to put all the info here so you can quickly and easily grab them! thanks for reaching out and I hope we can connect again soon!

The 13" Metal House is back IN STOCK!!

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Hi! I'm Janelle- and this is my family! 

The best choice I made four years ago was making the commitment to changing our families wellness. I heard that “wellness is not the absence of sickness” and that resonated with me. Yes, I wanted my family healthy, but I did not fully understand wellness was more than that. That wellness was really wholeness in body + soul + spirit. 

Four years later, there have been many lessons learned, failures that I chose to re-frame into “an opportunity to change”, many wins for our family, and lastly, an awakening of sorts. I have realized that I can control so many things in our daily lives + many things I can’t. But I have been “awakened” to the harmony between those. 
I am excited to connect with you about what I have found. You are worth it, your wellness is worth it 


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