July Gifts With Purchase are here!!

If you're new here, lemme fill you in. Every month Young Living gives us amazing products for FREE when you order a certain PV amount. These freebies will come with your order. The ones marked *ER Exclusive are for Essential Rewards orders only. Which if you're ordering and NOT on ER, that's just sillllllly. (No commitment, customize your box program where you earn points back to use on whatevs. It's the bomb.) 

Learn more here: Loyalty Rewards.

Alright, let’s break down these promos to see what you get!
Oh maaaa gosh, look at these July freebies!!! Firsttttt off - please know that while these are in the Kidscents Line, I use them as an adult 👌🏻
Make sure that you’re ordering the very best way, which is through Essential Rewards (soon to be called Subscribe to Save or STS) check out the info here - https://alivingwellco.com/loyalty-rewards

This is our monthly wellness box subscription program. To learn more about how you can earn points and get all the monthly GIFTS WITH PURCHASE, check the video out above!

Alright let’s break down these gifts to see what you get!
☀️ 100PV // Free Shipping (YAS PLEASE!!!) 
 â˜€ï¸ 190PV // KIDPOWER, 15ml ER Only
          and // GENTLE BABY, 5ml
 â˜€ï¸ 250PV // UNWIND
☀️ 300PV // SNIFFLEEASE, 5ml
☀️ 400PV // OWIE, 5ml ER Only
                  // SLEEPYIZE, 5ml ER Only
So remember these are just as much for big people as they are for the littles🙌🏻 Who else is excited about them?
We will be breaking it down HOW & WHY to use them over on the group page -Living Well Co