The Haven & Raw Milk
Providing, Clean Raw Milk + Products to Middle TN
The Haven was founded on the principle of providing our local communities with quality, nutritious, and affordable food. Raw Milk Herd shares are the first of many products The Haven is proud to offer. All cows are grass-fed and provided with Non-GMO feed at milking. We will never sacrifice our cow's condition to provide more milk. Their condition and overall health are our top priorities.

We also strive to provide the best-tasting and cleanest milk possible. This means making the extra effort to clean all equipment correctly, but also getting the milk chilled immediately after milking. We believe that Raw Milk is an amazing nutritious product, but should be handled with care during the milking and storage process. We invite you to check out in person our processes on the farm.

The Haven Cows are milked twice daily at 7am & 7pm. Our girls are given a minimum of a two-month dry-off period before they calve. That timing will vary based on their condition. We gladly and openly welcome visitors to The Haven, but please message us in advance to make sure we can accommodate your visit request.

Ready to get the details of how to bring Raw Milk & products to your family from The Haven? 

Raw Milk Herd Shares?
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Here’s where we talk about how you can buy and board your Herd Share and how to start receiving your Raw Milk!

First, the disclaimer…
The ONLY legal way to obtain Raw Milk in the State of Tennessee is to own a cow in part or in full. This means that you must either own a whole cow or own a share in a cow or herd of cows with several other people. Most people that own a herd share have a boarding agreement with a farmer to take care of the cow or herd for them.

This is the best of both worlds! You get your raw milk and there’s NO experience required and NO daily commitments!

It is illegal to sell raw milk in the State of Tennessee. Period. That being said we will only transfer milk to a herd share owner and we do ask for your commitment not to sell your raw milk to someone else.

Molly is a 4 year old, registered Jersey who is due to calve in September. She has the sweetest personality. We expected her to be the most vocal, but Clarabelle takes that title.

Clarabelle is a vocal, but calm registered Jersey who is due to calve in November. Miss Calm Pants she is, but also timid. We look forward to bringing her weight up a bit.