FACT: For every foot of the colon, the body can store between 5 and 10 pounds of feces. So if you’re just over five feet tall you could easily have 25 pounds of poop stuck in your colon. And that estimate is on the conservative side. So when people tell you are "full of crap" you are literally full of crap.

FACT: Neil Armstrong deposited four bags of poop on the moon’s surface. My question is WHY, HA!?

FACT: in a study in 2013, all participants noted that it felt easier when crouching, instead of sitting on a toilet or a lower toilet. Ever heard of a squatty potty? Get one…

FACT: According to reports from the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in U.S. men and women (2020 report that excluded skin cancers). 

What we eat plays a HUGE part in the health of our colons and our digestive system. Most people wish they could say they make the best choices with food all the time, but if we are being honest with ourselves, we do not. The Oily Community is looking forward to this Colon cleanse! Ready to join us?


As the body ages, there is a risk of greater and greater buildup of chemical contamination in our tissues. As toxins accumulate, the body is more likely to suffer the energy-robbing effects of poor health and disease. 

This is why cleansing the body is so important. When the body is purged of heavy metal contamination, undigested foods, and internal pollution, it relieves enormous stress on the organs and tissues. Immune function is enhanced,and particularly, the stress on the liver is reduced. Therefore, cleansing is the first step in boosting energy.

Each day, we will hydrate, eat whole foods, and utilize supplements to improve bowel function, nutritional uptake, and overall wellness. You can do this! This Colon Cleanse is designed to be simple and gentle.


Good Bundle:
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If you have Essentialzymes or Essentialzymes-4, you can use them instead of Allerzyme
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You can substitute the packets for the bottles of Ningxia Red.
Now that we gave you the bundles, you might be wondering how you go about purchasing or getting started right?

But read this FIRST! This Colon Cleanse is going to be jam-packed with simple and clear instructions, complete with food do's and don'ts. AND the BEST part? A community of people cheering each other on, all while having the accountability to get the most out of the cleanse.

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