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My family loves Yogurt, but I refuse to purchase the sugar-laden, pretend fruit-infused store yogurt. If we did purchase yogurt from the store, we would purchase Greek Yogurt with nothing added. Let me tell you, there is nothing like yogurt made from RAW MILK. 

Is Raw Milk dangerous? It can be. But so can store-bought lettuce or fruit. 
Read more about raw milk here: RAW MILK SAFETY

Know thy farmer, my friend

Yogurt Recipe:
What You Will Need:
1 gallon of raw milk
1/4 Cup of plain, non-flavored Greek Yogurt (produces a tangy yogurt), or you can use four packets of MY FAVE CULTURE* (sweeter yogurt) or 1/2 cup of a previously made batch of yogurt; see my notes below for why I have only purchased yogurt culture once

Let's Make Yogurt:
  • Heat your milk on the stove to 185° stirring frequently to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom.
  • Once at 185°, remove the pan from heat and cool to 115°. 
  • Once at 115°, add 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt or 1/2 cup of previously made yogurt, or four packets of the linked Sweet Yogurt culture from above. Mix with a whisk to get mixed well. 
  • Pour into 1/2 gallons, quarts, pints, really whatever you want. 
  • Add a towel to a small cooler, put jars in the cooler, cover/wrap with a towel, then close the lid. You can also use your oven by wrapping in a towel and turning the light on. I have found the oven is not as consistent as the cooler. Let it sit in the cooler for 4-24hours. I love to ferment it for 24 hours.
Let's Finish the Yogurt:
At this point, you will have to decide if you want to get some of the whey off the yogurt. You don’t have to; note it will have quite a bit of liquid (whey). Leaving it in will make less thick yogurt. Draining some off will thicken the yogurt.

If you choose to drain off some whey, line a fine mesh sieve with cheesecloth (or a thin towel). Place over a bowl and add the yogurt. Stick it in the fridge while it drains off. You can leave it on the counter; it will ferment more if you choose this option. The longer you drain, the thicker the yogurt will be; think Greek Yogurt thick. 

When you have the right thickness you desire, add the yogurt into a container or containers with a lid and refrigerate. Voilà

Our family's favorite add-ins:
  • Fresh Granola
  • Honey
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Homemade Jam or Jelly
  • Homemade Fruit Syrup
*Remember the aforementioned Culture above? What is Culture even?

Why did I say we haven't purchased another Yogurt Culture after our first batch of homemade yogurt? We save 3/4 Cup of Yogurt to use as the culture when starting a new batch of Yogurt. I highly recommend doing this. Why? Plain and simple, it saves money.

My fave thermometer to use: DIGITAL THERMOMETER

Happy Yogurt making! Reach out if you have any questions. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe. What kind of shelf life does the saved culture for the next batch have?
  2. Ann McGillicuddy  11/29/2023 08:44 AM Central
    Thank you. I enjoyed reading it.

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